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Our passion is exploring.

Our goal is to encourage exploration
through publishing books on all form
of outdoor pursuit and conservation.


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Message from the Publisher

The abundance of media available to people today is astounding. Whether it be video, photos, music, or the written word, we are under a daily barrage of content. The assault is constant and it comes at us from all angles. Some of it is filtered, much of it is raw. And all of it competes for our time.

Our time is our most precious resource. Our lives are finite, though we often struggle to admit this most basic of facts. So we must choose wisely how to use our time. It is a balancing act.

My goal is not to waste your time. It is the opposite. After reading or using a book published by Sentinel Rock Press, I want you to feel enriched.

Thank you for visiting Sentinel Rock Press, and feel free to contact me.

– Joe Reidhead


Why should you buy books direct from Sentinel Rock Press?

  1. It’s secure. All credit card data is processed by PayPal, which means top of the line security. This website does not store any credit card data. It’s probably safer than shopping at the big box stores that are always having security breaches.
  2. You can support independent authors and independent business. This is a labor of love.
  3. The books are awesome.
  4. For the moment, free shipping on orders over $30. That’s a good deal.


A selection of the books we publish:


Tired of reading? Fair enough. Here is a short movie.